What is Raw Honey?

Raw Honey is amazing.

Simply put, Raw Honey is honey that is extracted from a bee hive and put straight in a jar for eating.

It unheated, unpasteurised, unprocessed, and totally natural.

Most home apiarists (that’s beekeeper’s to the rest of us!) pull the frames out, take the caps off the wax, then spin the honey in a centrifugal contraption forcing the honey out of the honeycomb. What’s left is not only honey, but other naturally occurring ingredients like pollen and other enzymes which have proven nutritional benefits.

A beekeeper checks their hive, so the bees come out to say hi!
"Freecomb", which is honeycomb the bees build above the honey frames

What is the difference between Raw Honey and honey you’d buy from a supermarket?

Much like raw fruit and vegetables (straight from the farm, uncooked, unprocessed), Raw Honey is unprocessed as well. Commercial honey is usually pasteurised (heated above 70C then cooled rapidly), blended with honey from various locations and suppliers, and is heavily filtered to remove anything that isn’t clear liquid. The heating also assists them in the bottling process. Any beekeeper knows great honey is usually beautifully thick and golden. Might take longer to get in the jar, but it’s certainly worth the wait!

Unfortunately by pasteurising and filtering the honey, it destroys the delicate aromas of the honey, as well as beneficial yeast and enzymes. The health benefits of yeast and enzymes are that they activate vitamins and minerals in the body.

Store bought honey is also heavily blended. One of the beauties of Raw Honey is that the colour, texture and flavour is different depending on where the bees have been located and the time of year the honey has been extracted. But one thing is for certain, it’s always an amazing flavour that is far different to what you’d get from commercial honey found in the supermarket.

So where can I get this amazing honey from?

That’s what we’re here for! Visit the home page and find your local beekeeper or store that sells Raw Honey.

Home Beekeepers sometimes sell their honey outside their houses using an honesty box. Support your local beekeepers and pick up a jar or two. Not only will you get the most delicious honey you’ve ever tasted, the bees that made that honey have also pollinated countless numbers of plants in that neighbourhood, helping gardens grow and plants flourish. Maybe even yours!

Some stores may also sell Raw Honey so we list them here too. They’re also supplied by local beekeepers who’d just prefer to sell all their honey to a store. The shops look after the beekeepers, so please help by supporting them with your purchase of some delicious Raw Honey!